My Spiritual Journeys

My Spiritual Journeys



As part of my own Spiritual growth I began my journey with Iyengar Yoga 26yrs ago in Sydney Australia. Yoga became a way of life as did studying the Healing Arts and taking journeys across the globe to Sacred Sites, connecting with the ancient energies of these amazing places. I’ve travelled, met and worked with some truly amazing inspirational people. I love what I do and consider myself blessed to be able to follow my passion whilst being in service to others. Below are some of the journeys and courses I have taken.

Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki has been one of the key influences in my journey through The Healing Arts which is why I chose to become a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2004.  Passing knowledge and wisdom to others is something I am very passionate about especially when it can lead to improving peoples lives, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. When I teach I find Reiki opens “Pandoras Box” for my students, opening their hearts and minds to what may have once seemed impossible. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

In 2007 I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and receive my advanced Past Life Regression Therapy certificate with Dolores Cannon, who has since left this world. Dolores was an amazing teacher and therapist who wrote many books based on her life’s work. She was a hypnotherapist who developed her own system of taking people through what is known to many as “past life regression therapy”. As part of her life’s work she went on to become an author; Some of her books being ‘The Convoluted Universe’, ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth’ and ‘The Search of Hidden knowledge’.

Emotional Freedom Technique

I was introduced to  EFT many years ago which I found helpful in breaking a thought pattern which had been with me since I was a child. What I discovered whilst having the EFT session was that I was able to experience and feel the energy move around my body as it passed through the Meridian points, which compelled me to take a class and understand it on a deeper level. 

BodyTalk Practitioner

I was introduced to BodyTalk through a friend who was aware of the work I was doing and suggested I experience it. After having several sessions with Marcio Ribeiro, an amazing senior BodyTalk Practitioner and Teacher, through his suggestion I went on to study Modules 1+2 and at a later stage Modules 3 + 4. Although I no longer practice BodyTalk I am grateful for the experience and to have met so many amazing healers and practitioners within the modality, many who are and will continue to be lifelong friends.

Melkizedek Method

This was a huge turning point for me as I began to explore the esoteric teachings and understandings of the “Light Body”. I have completed four levels of M.M. Each level came with activations and meditations taking me on a deeper and more experiential journey of what is known as the MerKaBah and Sacred Geometry.

Melkizedek Symbols

To have been part of the journey of Kelvin Khemery’s M.S. course was magical. We journeyed through activations and meditations using symbols embedded in the Flower of Life.

Numerology and Astrology

Through my work I realised the relevance of both Numerology and Astrology which led me to explore a basic course in each subject.

Linking Awareness (animal communication)

Understanding the relevance of communicating with animals was a natural course of action and Loesje Jacobs was and still is one the most amazing, fun teachers in the field of animal communication. One of our classrooms being Singapore Zoo was definitely a highlight, besides having conversations with so many creatures who live there.

Dr. Baskaran Pillai  founder of Tripura Foundation and The Pillai Centre for Phonemic Intelligence

Having a yogic background it was not surprising that I would find myself connecting with Dr. Baskaran Pillai and learning through him the power of Mantras and Sacred sounds. Studying with Dr  Pillai involved being initiated into Sacred sounds and Mantras. This also involved traveling to Sacred Sites and Temples in India, Egypt and Israel.

The Shamans of the Amazon

In 2011 my life as I had known it changed in ways I could never have understood, but now 6yrs down the track as I look back make perfect sense. I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon where I spent time with the Shaman’s of Blue Morpho where we took journeys through space and time. Each night I would set intentions trying to find answers to my questions such as who am I, why am I here, what is my life’s purpose and what  does the concept of Enlightenment really mean for me. I learnt so much, much more than I could have imagined. With regards to my own personal practice I brought back an understanding of the relevance of Shamanism in the modern world and how I could integrate it into my life. It’s now become a real passion of mine to teach the subject.

Sacred Tree Essences 

After returning from the Amazon I found myself working with Mimi Buttacavoli’s “Sacred Tree Essences“. I found them to be the perfect bridge between two worlds, that of the Shaman and the Holistic Healer. The Essences of the Amazonian Tree Medicine are a wonderful tool for both the Physical and Spiritual journey.  Later I would find myself back in the Amazon taking profound journeys with Mimi and a small group of women on the Rio Napa, Peru.

Sacred Ceremonies in Sedona

I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Sedona with Jeremy “Yongurra” Donovan, an Australian Aborigine known as “a Keeper Of Wisdom” and Raelene Byrne (Medicine for your Spirit) with whom we performed Sacred Ceremonies. We also took part in a Sweat lodge and performed ceremonies with the Navajo. Sedona is truly an amazing part of the world full of many energetic vortexes.

After we finished our journey in Sedona  I continued my travels with Raelene and a group of women as we headed to Mt. Shasta for yet another amazing experience.

Core Shamanism

I went on to study Core Shamanism in Bali, spending 3 weeks under the instruction of Kevin Turner who works with  the teachings which were developed by Dr. Michael Harner the founder of “The Foundation for Shamanic Studies“.  In this class we studied and were initiated into the practice of Shamanic Journeying, Power & Healing, Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature, Shamanic Dreamwork, Shamanism, Dying & Beyond and Power Soul Retrieval.

The Sacred Valley Peru

My most recent journeys have had me take multiple trips to the Sacred Valley in Peru where I work with the plant medicine of the Andes under the guidance of Blue Morpho International and Malcom Rossiter.  The classes I attended as part of these particular journeys included the Yogic Path,  Astrology and Sacred Geometry.

Additional Journeys

There are many other Sacred Journeys and classes I have taken part in over the years, too many to mention, each bringing about a deeper understanding of the Healing Arts, Esoteric Teachings and the relevance of Sacred Ceremonies practiced by our Ancestors.

I’ve had the good fortune to have visited sacred sites in Australia, Bali, Belize, Bhutan, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Israel, Ireland, India, Nepal, Peru, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Mt Sinai, Turkey and Tibet.

Honouring my Teachers and Friends

I have so many people to be grateful to who have played an integral role in my journey who I would like to take a moment to honour.

Pujya Swamiji’s at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh for welcoming me home to the Banks of the Ganges.

Ammabhagvan for the Oneness University which gave me the time to contemplate and understand the the true significance behind my relationship with my parents.

Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai who taught me the relevance of Sacred Sounds, Mantras, Nadi Leaves, the impact the Planets have on us, Gods/Goddesses as Archetypes, the understanding and relevance of working with our Ancestors and how to grow our “LightBody”

Dolores Cannon for her tireless work being a true historian, wonderful teacher and author.

Kevin Turner for being a wonderful, interesting and informative Shaman and Teacher.

To Maestra Mimi Buttacavoli for a life changing Shamanic Journey on the Rio Napo.

The Shamans of Blue Morpho in the Peruvian Amazon with whom I’ve been fortunate to spend some quality time. They taught me so much including ” how to die”.  This may sound extreme but death experienced as a letting go of self/ego is a beautiful experience, especially when guided by those who are highly trained, so to Maestro Hamilton, Maestro Don Alberto, Maestro Malcom, Maestro Christian and all the staff of Blue Morpho, my life would not be what it is today had I not spent time with all of you.

To all my guides, teachers, mentors, family, friends and clients, you all know who you are, so much love and gratitude.

Honouring my Loving Family

Last but not least my darling husband and best friend Derek and my two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Issey, where would I be without your constant love and support. My journeys have taken some unusual twists and turns, but my solace has always been your smiling faces on my return home, love you heaps <3