Shamanism in the Modern World

Shamanism is a passion of mine, one which I practice daily and love to teach in a practical and contemporary form as I believe everything in life should be easy and accessible.

I also believe that it is the hectic pace of modern life which has so many feeling disconnected and unhappy.

Hence my reason for creating and designing this two day workshop. Over the two days you will develop and understand the relevance of Shamanism and Sacred Ceremonies in our Modern World in an interactive, relaxed and fun setting.

In this class you will learn how to perform daily Rituals which will help you feel more grounded, connected and happy in your Life.

You will learn how to create Sacred Spaces, take journeys to Sacred Gardens, you will also have an opportunity to connect with your Ancestors, discover your Power Animal, understand Soul Loss and retrieve Soul parts amongst other things.

You will be able to incorporate all you have learnt into your daily life no mater your belief system or faith.

This class includes a detailed manual which will help you integrate all that you have learned over the course of the two days.

Shamanism in the Modern World – SGD $450 – a 2 day interactive workshop

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The Healing Art of Reiki

Sharing my knowledge of Reiki with others is a passion of mine as it opens each student up to the concept of working with energy; energy which can be used in many ways.

Personally I have experienced Usui Reiki Symbols as a key; a key to boundless, formless energy.

Reiki has assisted me in creating the life I choose to live which is why I love to share it with others so they too may find their personal path within the healing arts.

In my classes I choose to teach Reiki in a contemporary format. Whilst being respectful and in gratitude to the founder Mikao Usui, I teach this way as I believe human consciousness has evolved so much since Reiki was first founded that we can no longer stick purely to the traditional guidelines which were originally set in place.

When I teach, we explore Reiki and the Healing Arts in whatever structure my students may request and/or require.

• Reiki Level 1 – SGD $350 – 2 x 4hrs

• Reiki Level 2 – SGD $450 – 2 x 4hrs

• Reiki Level 3a – SGD $450 – 2 x 4hrs

• Reiki Level 3b – SGD $550 – 1 x 6hr

(Please note that if you choose to combine classes, there will be a $50 refund)

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Private Healing Session

When working privately with clients the tools or healing modalities required present themselves, which results in the client  receiving  a unique healing experience. Self empowerment is something I feel strongly about which is why I like to give tools to my clients to take home and practice. These tools are often simple yet powerful rituals, such as lighting candles whilst making affirmations and making offerings to Mother Earth. We often begin the session by intuitively choosing Sacred Tree Essences and Transformational cards to assist in accessing what needs to be addressed.  Sometimes I will apply Aromatherapy Oils on key pressure points such as Head, Hands and Feet. Everything is chosen intuitively.

• Private session (60-90 mins) – SGD $150

• Private session (150 – 180 mins) – SGD $300

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

I had the good fortune to have trained with Dolores Cannon who has written many books such as “The Convoluted Universe” and “Between Death and Life”.  Dolores was a past-life regression therapist who found herself taking people on journeys to places and times that were often not of this world.

I am forever grateful for her teachings as this is an area of work that I am finding many of my clients are wanting to explore.

If taking a journey is of interest to you, you will find it helpful to have an open mind as you travel through space and time to not only the past but possibly the future or as mentioned above maybe somewhere beyond our world. These journeys are designed to assist you in retrieving information, which in turn may help you if you are feeling stuck, or finding yourself repeating behavioural patterns that are not helpful to your personal growth, whether in work, your social life, your love life or your spiritual life. Whatever your reason be assured I offer a safe space for you to explore what needs to be understood.

“Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere” ~ Albert Einstein

• Taking journeys (60-90 mins) – SGD $150

• For a deeper experience 3hrs – SGD $300

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Healing Session & Taking Journeys via Skype

Healing sessions and taking journeys via Skype follows a similar format to the above., You can be assured that you are treated with the same commitment as if you were present; the concept of linear space/time fades away.

 • Skype Healing Session (60-90 mins) – SGD $150

 • Skype Healing Session (150-180 mins) – SGD $300

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Sacred Tree Essences Consultation

Sacred Tree Essences were developed by Mimi Buttacavoli who is a Maestra (Master Shaman), Palera (tree specialist), and Sanangera (specialist in a healing root called Sanango).

In September 2009, tree spirits informed her that her path would bring her to create a range of essences made from the sacred teacher plants and prepared in a traditional shamanic way.

How the essences are made

Once the bark (or other part used) has been collected, it is placed in a glass receptacle and water is added. This is then left in the sun for 2 to 4 hours.

The grandfather spirits of the trees, the Amazon jungle, and the sun are invoked to penetrate the infusion and make a strong essence.

Once the bark has been soaked in the water and its spirits have been transferred into the water, alcohol is added to preserve the infusion.

The final step is singing the icaro (the medicine song that calls the spirits) into the mother tincture and then blowing tobacco into the bottle.

Note: The essences contain no biologically active ingredients. They have been prepared in a way that is similar to homeopathic medicine.  Additional information is available at  

• Sacred Tree Essences consultation – SGD $50

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 Evenings in Meditation Classes

Almost every week I facilitate Group Meditation Classes. In these classes we take journeys, working with Power Animals and Spirit Guides. Each week may vary in focus, ranging from understanding Breath Work, Shamanism in the Modern World, to working with your MerKaBah. The objective of these classes is to help those interested in learning how to journey through space and time and also how to expand and hold as much Light as is possible to activate ones own LightBody.

The reasons for taking time out of your busy life to meditate are, to find love, joy and happiness which can then evolve into the connectedness with all, the journey of “Oneness”.

• Evenings in Meditation- SGD $25

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

When we combine Ceremonial Cacao with our spiritual practice we open the door to our highest state of consciousness, allowing the connection to our Divinity.

Theobroma translates to “Food of the Gods”, Theobroma Cacao is used for making chocolate. 

From the time the Cacao has been harvested to it’s final production into the bar we use in ceremony it has had only the purest of intentions placed into it. When we take the time to connect with the guiding spirits of all involved in creating the Cacao we have an opportunity to learn so much more.

Ceremonial Cacao is known for it’s heart opening experience owing to it’s chemical compounds such as Valeric Acid which is known to block stress hormones, thus allowing the release of Dopamine and the endorphin Phenylethylamine, better known as “the love drug” resulting in many participants reporting positive and often eutrophic emotions during and after ceremony.

From a health perspective Cacao contains Theobromine, Antioxidants, Tryptophan, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Phosphorus all of which assist in boosting energy, improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles, resulting in a younger, happier, healthier mind, body, spirit.

The bars we use in ceremony are created from a mindful and connected space by a dear friend of mine, Tyson. He travels to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to personally choose the organic Cacao before taking it back to Canada where he then adds Celastrus seeds which come from the Celastrus tree also known as ‘the intellect tree’, Canadian organic raw honey is then added to sweeten the bar which you will notice has been embedded with the symbol known as the Flower of Life (the seed of all creation) as a reminder of the connectedness and Oneness of all. 

Once I receive the Cacao I then place my prayers and intentions into the bars, taking time to connect Shamanically to all Spirits involved in the entire process before passing them onto you. When we go into ceremony I will guide you to make your connection, allowing your heart to open resulting in experiencing your “bliss”.

It is recommended to abstain from food and stimulants for at least two hours before the ceremony to maximise your experience.

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