Transformational Products

Transformational Products

In February 2016 whilst in the Sacred Valley, Peru, I took a journey and immersed myself in the plant medicine of the Andes, San Pedro. 

It was on this journey my transformational cards were conceived.

On my return with a mind full of ideas I sat with the wonderfully creative Heather Anderson who ‘mind mapped’ my journey.

My desire was to create a product that would help inspire others simply by choosing some key words to start the day or to help provide clarity in a moment of feeling ‘stuck’.

Hence, the products became the ‘Transformational Healing Cards’ and ‘Meditation Crystals’

Transformational Healing Cards

My understanding has always been, that thoughts become words, words become actions and actions define our relationships with others.

When we embrace self awareness and mindful living, by choice they become our tools assisting us in creating the life we want to live.

Each box contains four decks of thirty three cards, each card is embedded with an inspiring word,  a Sacred symbol which has been activated to assist a shift and transformation for those choosing to work with the cards.

The energy embedded in the cards represents the plant medicine San Pedro, which I have personally experienced as  being a free flowing energy connecting all life forms in a journey of Oneness.

Directions for use:  Center yourself then choose your four cards based on the understanding that Mind equates to Reason, Body to Sense Perception, Heart to Emotion and Soul to Intuition.

You may ask a question or simply choose a card from each deck as a daily reminder of your true essence. 

Remember the words are there to inspire you whilst the energy of the symbols help shift your perception in a positive way.

Uses:  Can be used first thing in the morning to inspire your day, last thing at night to help you work within your dream space or whenever you are looking for clarity in decision making. 

There are no right or wrong ways to use the cards, so please enjoy and have fun, much love, joy and happiness Adrienne

 Cost:- SGD $65.00 – $85.00 inc. pp worldwide

Meditation Crystals

Each pack contains four crystals and a card with an affirmation for each crystal.

These Crystals were chosen intuitively to assist you in connecting with your true essence, helping you reclaim your personal power whilst calming you in times of adversity and to help you release thought forms that no longer serve you.

Directions for use:  Center yourself, take a deep breath and when you feel ready choose a crystal. Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and relax. 

When you feel ready state the affirmation and allow the connection to be made. 

You can choose to carry the crystal with you all day, holding it in your hand, reminding yourself to take a breath and relax  before reacting to any situation as you go about your day.

Relax, enjoy, have fun and choose to have a great day, love, joy and happiness Adrienne


• CLEAR QUARTZ – ‘I embrace my connection to my Spirit Guides and to my own Divinity‘. 

• SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN – ‘I am strong and highly adaptable‘. 

• HOWLITE – ‘I choose to raise my vibrations by releasing outdated Belief Systems that no longer serve me’.

• ONYX – ‘I allow myself to step into Self Mastery with Grace and Ease‘ 

 Cost:- SGD 25.00 – $30.00 inc. pp worldwide

Whatever you choose to do with these cards & crystals, be sure to have fun.

Life is a sacred journey filled with mysteries and wonderments. There will always be highs, there will always be lows, however, it is how we perceive what each day brings which is important.  Understanding your reactive nature and where it comes from allows you to free yourself from your past, from all the old stories, from all that holds you back from being authentically you.

Truth brings freedom, freedom brings love, love being the ultimate human experience.

Much love, joy and happiness,